Wonderful Squirrels


The Rescue and Rehabilitation of Squirrels: Self-rescue and Self-rehabilitation

Introductory Notes

Ever noticed how "wildlife preservation" groups always speak about animals in the general? It's safe. It's non-committal, leaving a "door open" for deceit in the specific case. It's public relations (PR) for the group's fundraising and the officers' siphoned-off paychecks. Just like donaters to all causes these days, it's all about a tax write-off and free advertising that says how grand a company or person they are for donating. What a crock! What liars! What a system!

The focus of those controlling and continuing the groups is money and getting free food for their protected "food chain" excuses: flying (e.g., falcon "jets", hawk "bombers"); on-the-ground (snake "tanks", reptile "missile launchers"). Their choice of what is on militarized currency, lapels, and flags is no accident. These same "people" speak of democracy, liberty, and freedom the same way they speak of wildlife: in the abstract, in the quantitative, in the general.

They never actually look an animal in the eyes or treat the subject yearning for its democratic land and resources back from realtors, developers, bankers, shareholders, deed-holders, and fundraisers. Liberty and freedom in the abstract nare the talk of those who fear and hate it the most.

They kill from perches, like their hookbills, with ledger-books and keystrokes, with a clean conscience (apparently somewhere in their "human"-like skulls) and with a well-vouchered deniability. The "unsavable" are slaughtered with a vault-sharpened efficiency at the country club, the opening of the latest [pseudo-]community center, at the benefit dinner, or at the "humanitarian" self-awarding ceremonies where they gather (fester) to hold up mirrors for each other. [The mirrors show no real signs of life, just an aire of "breathing", as a facsimile accomplished by a walking-talking inversion of that humanity. Murderers à la mode!

And so, like democracy, liberty, and freedom — which suffer at our surrender of their precious dissemination, implementation, and security to bureaucRATS —, of all the self-power which we have relinquished to them 'in our name', and to help our more natural friends in the same resistance, self-regeneration, and liberation/freeing of all living societal-natural possibilities. The hoarding, the vaulting, the excluding, the pyramid scheming (e.g., "world government, food-chains, clericization of "science" and "decision-making wisdom") must all be axed and with finality. There is no place for death in life, and the processes and behaviors of those who cushion their exploitative, extractive, exclusive, psycho-sociopathic, dysfunctional souls from the intentional crimes they commit behind keyboards, closed doors, credit cards receipts, and "studies" which reinforce the lies that cloak them as "clean" and "wondrous". They are thugs, cartels, felons, and assassins... nothing better than traitors to the gift of life and to all who deserve not having that gift robbed from them for Nero-like entertainment and party gossip.

The rehabilitation, regeneration, and reassertion of and ecological human nature (over the banker-manufactured "green" and "environmental" lifestyle falsifications) will be accomplished by those now proletarianized into being spectators to their own existences, by those proletarianized into surrendering willingly the fur, work, desires, needs, play, food, water, air, feathers, and dreams to a few and to the false reality roles they pass off to all life as "Natural Law", conveniently contoured by Rockefeller funds and "science" to re-present the "world as they run it" as "the only one possible", as "good as it gets", wherein, as a lifeform, you can "be "all [they'll] let you be".

Note that "rehabilitation" and "repair" are to the Social Fabian what "salvation" and "redemption" are to the Catholic. A prison camp, an "Indian" reservation, a wildlife "preserve"... all so many sentencings to a slow death, repressed hatred lusting in the time it takes for suffering, a rationed-out mix of sadism and sublimational pleasure... dysfunction wielding the power of death over all life, which it blames for reminding it of its choice to serve virulence as a dutiful and will-less host... a masochist finding penance in the power of sadism. The fetish with a "rehab license" and the self-anoited (species-centric) rite of pronouncing eugenics "salvation through death" as some sort of rite to superiority, blessed by the State, is as authoritarian and cowardly as it gets.

This section is based in freeing the methodology and techniques back from "Nazi doctor" ones which pose themselves as "all there is". If we do not not do this, it will only get worse, for us and for all we fail to save from the same toxicity. It will show how to save nature without bureaucrats and mediators to our own abilities and wisdom. It will share what is shared with me, by others so inclined and by animal friends. I was a Cub and Boy Scout, not for slaughtering nature for my campfire roast and ballyhoo, but so I could "commune with it", as between two moments of the same source of life. I hope that I open some eyes and keep others open, away from sedatives, gas chambers, injections, etc. ... the best that a "Nazi doctor" or "Stalinist resolutionist" can EVER muster. Oh, and make no [skull and] bones about it... a hybrid of those nightmares is exactly who's now (and globally) in charge.

Teeth Cutters

Prevention is the best "medicine"; that's why insurance companies (esp., the Obama "care package" for Big Pharma and the AMA hacks) do not cover anything that is proactive or preventative. Nutritional supplements to make up for irradiated, pasteurized, denatured "food" and corporated "soil"? Nope! Not a bit! Naturopaths or distress-preventing massage or yoga? Nope!

Here, it is a good idea to attach untainted antlers/bones to the tree near the feeder or just below the nest in a cat-safe hawk-safe [human] sadist-safe area. Use sisal, jute, or hemp to tie it to the trunk, attaching it through a small drilled-out hole. They will be able to chew food and their excessive tooth growth, caused by not having the right kind of food available.

Seeds are not very good for squirrels, especially sunflower seeds, as is ignorantly thought. Nuts in the shell — like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans — also allow them to eat while keeping teeth from painfully and fatally growing through their jaws into their eyes or sideways, making further eating a downward slide to starvation. Replacing "wildlife" food" with developer nursery favorites is convenient murder in the end, so study how you can bring food-source plants and trees back into your and their environment. Be prepared to "fight city hall" if you decide to cut down a developer's "ancient" tree, because ancient stupidity seems to think it knows best for everyone and everything just because it's "been around a long time". Lice, deities, and thieves have been around for a long time? Is that a reason to not prevent them?

Feeding Bottles and Hydrating Syringe Nipples

Rubber is always better than faux-rubber and overt plastic.
Glass is always healthier than plastic.
Plastic is neither "wild", nor "life"-giving. It toxifies the air constantly, and all who/that touch it as it leeches off DuPont/Dow/Monsanto syntheticized, stolen, and patented "nature".

Glass is not patentable; plastics are. Calcium in sesame seed milk is not patentable; Simulac is. Get the point!
Some years ago, the "outcry" against radiator and refrigerator fluids was heard, and a call for use of new replacement was anonymously heard, very loudly, "from within that crowd". The "cry" came from the same maker of the current and the replacement fluid. Their patent had run out. It's about "following the money path"! It's about "connecting the dots"! It's about seizing back the credibility now held captive by creditors who seek nothing but your (and nature's) debt!