Wonderful Squirrels


Rediscovering Humanly-lost Wonder in the Lives of Squirrels

Our hope is to facilitate you making friends with squirrels.

"Nature" has a 'state of mind' which rightfully belongs to all "Nature"[-al] beings. It is our belief that that human right [mind] has been stolen, distorted, and mediated-away by the cumulative-to-current human-tolerated hierarchy which parasites off humanity in the name of not just humanity, but in the name of "Nature" as well [cf. the Gore-ified lie about tying humans to carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide to only-detrimental "Nature"-al climate change. The jump from there to a "natural" tax, a tax collector class, privatized ownership of elements in the Periodic Table (with enforcing police), and punishment based upon these so-called elite-serving "laws" is just Nazi "blood and soil" authoritarianism recycled.

Today, we barely survive a now-global pyramid scheme whose conformist by-products suffocate us with all their powerless and meaningless activities, rewards for joyless "imagination" and imagination-less "joy", and an eternity of assembly-lined and trademarked "lifestyles", which are fictionally-valuable substitutes for all surrendered possibilities which could've been derived through direct, untrammeled, and freely-lived experience. Our "Nature" is now being determined, not by us, but by the flow of Capital through us, allowed by us to act as us into vaults of parasites. The real connection between our alienated internality and externality — our own acts systemically and persona-ally sustaining hierarchical processes, which haunt us as "skin-covered" monstrosities and colonizing dysfunctionalities. Sickness such as this is not "natural", but a result of acting anti-naturally, of acting separately from our own ability to create our nature.

Before the rest of life is diminished, reduced, objectified, owned, and destroyed, we need to re-appreciate it all if we are to re-appreciate ourselves, and vice-versa.

Squirrels — like all that is not considered vaultible — are summarily dismissed (by our well-schooled, deadened awareness) as useless. They are treated as being "in the way", as only being worthy of annihilation. Consider that humanity is hearing such talk now about that same elitist view from the "top" of the social pyramid.

Squirrels do not "produce" exchange-value. They do not produce Capital except in the sale of products to annihilate them and of ideological reasoning why that is to be the only solution. I recall hearing about "the final solution" before. Same elite. Same pyramid. Same solution.

Squirrels are rationally left out of Capital's generalized servitude — linearly-sequenced time and homogenized de-eroticized space. Aside from the drive to connect with all life, that tells me that squirrels are doing something worth noting.

The arrangements designed by Monsanto, Squibb, and Google have little use for play, self-evolution, and fancy. Plastic coffins near FEMA camps are fitted for all lifeforms exhibiting such behavior.

The implementation of easy-to-implement solutions to inter-species conflict, is, itself, considered as sedition, "terrorist", and punishable. It is mutiny from the bottom of the pyramid and is, thus, considered as intolerable, an its message is willfully being falsified and suppressed.

Squirrels have enemies beside the drone-like dismissal by unconscious humans. The enemy they have is the same one I have. The pyramid "agents" have as goal a global unconsciousness. They seek the enslavement of all Nature and all life. The connection of species and life is enemy to virulent hierarchy. Conversely, that connection is the enemy of virulent hierarchy.

This site is an attempt to open eyes and minds to a joyful relationship with these wonderful life-treasures — squirrels — and to the human treasure already surrendered to and/or forcibly stolen by spiritless life-parasites.

Discovering life playmates is rediscovering ourselves. It becomes of life contra-wise to becoming aware of its annihilation.

The threat to life-parasitism is real when humans recognize other life as not "outside" (aka "external") to them, but as an integral and necessary part of them, and vice-versa.

You are an integral part of "Nature" and your unmediated connection with that part of yourself — as self-aware and self-managing "Nature" — is a moment of universal "life" becoming aware of itself. You, connected, are a moment of "the universe" becoming self-conscious. You, disconnected, is the shadow of death as it squanders and intentionally destroys life and all its [life]forms.

Exploring yourself in other life and other life within you is the same project. It is fun[damental] to consciousness that we discover more of ourselves through others and other forms of life. Life is naturally connected to itself, and only the falsely-living and pro-death forces will jeopardize any life for any reason.

If and when that natural connection is severed, suppressed, "dumbed"-away, illegalized, and/or falsified, we become less than human and find our own evolution stunted, frozen, denied. We become slaves to whatever or whomever controls that suppression, defines the substitute for connectivity, etc.

It is our hope that we will all gain ourselves in dynamically and directly defining and embracing our connections to and as "life" itself.

It will surely offend the owners of "lifestyle" — the sum of all alienated-Power controlled mediations — when we share, learn to, and implement self-managed selves, self-expanding "life".

If we can be define "evil", "the face of death", or "the dark force", it is that psychopathic urge to deny life its self-consciousness and self-management.

Wonder, dream, marvel... many angles that this "desire to live" implies. Reaching for resonance, striving negentropically, embracing the nonlinear; this is untrammeled life.

There is enough room for every lifeform to evolve with Venn joy as intersection when we expand the universe of possibilities through connectivity, through acts of mutual inclusivity. The world of mutual exclusivity and "zero-sum" — flat and deadening — can be made wonderful. Squirrels have so very much to offer when you give yourself the chance to enjoy them.